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Welcome to Suburbia.

We're just normal, middle-class people that live in suburbia.

A lot of people think that Survivalist Prepping means you live in rural America, own lots of guns, and run around in the woods hunting and playing military games.  While it is true that some preppers fit that description (and we don't see anything wrong with it), it is definitely not us.

We live in the suburbs.  One of us has a long-term job and is reaching retirement age... working an entire lifetime for a pension.  The other is more of a serial entrepreneur and has experienced the ups and downs of growing businesses over the last few decades.

Suburbia - Best Survival Prepper

Our family story began in rural America, transitioned to the suburbs and the myth of security, and now has moved into an era of awakening.  We started Best Survival Prepper because we wanted to network with people just like us.  People living in the suburbs, urban areas, and even rural communities... but, finally waking up and realizing that our lives are not as secure as we once thought.  We now want to be prepared for whatever might come our way and we want to share our journey with other like-minded people.

Even though we now live in the northeast, our families are from the south, Mississippi and Virginia.  In Mississippi, our family owned lots of rural farming land. Some family members are still farmers to this day.  However, most of the family moved north and started new lives in major cities and the suburbs.

For me, my father was a career, 30-year military man in the U.S. Army.  We lived on various military bases within the U.S. and abroad, to include Germany and Vietnam.  My father's father (I know, that's called a "Grandfather"... lol) is the one that owned the farm land in Mississippi.  But once my father left for the military, his life and our lives changed.  

When my father retired, we settled down in the suburbs of the midwest.  I grew up in the suburbs and never left them to this day.  So personally, I never learned how to farm, or hunt, or many other skills that are required for survivalism.  I always thought that our way of life would continue forever.  I never thought that something would happen that would threaten our way of life. After all, this is America.

Well, of course I was wrong.  There are so many things that can change our way of life.  9/11, 2008 Financial Crisis, and COVID-19 are just a few examples of how things can change in an instant.  Personally, I was not ready for any of the consequences that followed any of those disasters.  Following each crisis, my family got derailed in some way.  Of course, we were the lucky ones because we did not lose our lives or the lives of our loved ones.  Unfortunately, other families were not so lucky.  Our trials and tribulations were more of financial setbacks and uncomfortable lifestyle changes.

We learned about prepping rather recently, however, it was before COVID-19 hit.  That just fueled our goals to open our eyes further and learn as much as we can as fast as we can.  We've learned that nothing is guaranteed in this life and our comfy lives can dissappear in the blink of an eye.

We have a lot to learn and we're not going to try to be something we are not.  What you see in Best Survival Prepper are things we are learning ourselves as well.  We are definitely not the experts.  However, we are collecting this information and networking with other people who are the experts.  Our goal is to share our journey with you so we can learn and prepare together.  To share what we are learning, to share what we have discovered, to share the people we are getting to know and are learning from.

So if you happen to be an expert in prepping, please reach out to us because want to know you.  If you're not an expert and perhaps more like us... wanting to learn more about prepping... reach out and join us on this journey.  We believe we are all stronger together than we are alone. 

I have learned that many preppers believe they can only save themselves when the SHTF (for those of you who don't know this acronym, it is when "poopie hits the fan"... lol).  I get it.  You can't save everyone when you only have limited resources.  Also, why should you expend resources on other people and their families when they didn't take the time to prepare for themselves?  I get that too.

However, here's my thought on the matter.  I believe we all have the responsibility to prep for the surival of our own families... AND... to at least try and share our knowledge and prep with our family, neighbors, and community.  The more people that are prepared for the unknown, means the less people who are going to panic when the SHTF.  It also means more people that have each other's back when things go wrong. 

I picture a scenario where families, neighbors, and communities prep together (as much as possible) to prepare for unforseen disasters and emergencies.  If that happens, then families, neighbors, and communities will be in a much better position to help each other survive and thrive during difficult times.  Not relying on the "government" (I'm doing air quotes with my hands) to come save us.  Government is good for a lot of things, but I don't think we want to rely on them completely for our survival.  As citizens, we all have a responsibility as well. 

I'm not naive and I definitely realize that everyone isn't going to share my opinion and vision.  Some will not do anything to prepare for the unknown and they'll think those of us that are prepping are simply whackos or that they'll just join us and use our resources if something goes wrong.  Sorry, but the reality is that isn't going to happen because everyone's resources are limited.  Everyone has the right to their own opinion and I wish everyone well when things do deteriate (it's a matter of "when", not "if").  My focus is to spend my time and energy with those that are like-minded and do want to help others to prep and to be prepared when things go wrong.  

So that's the short version of our story.  If it resonates with you, we welcome you to join us and to help write the long version of our story together.  A story that builds community and people caring enough about other people to prep together, to survive together, and to thrive together.  Building stronger communities, stronger neighborhoods, and stronger families. 


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